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Shooting Permit Requirements in

New York City

In order for you or your organization to be eligible for a Motion Picture or Television Permit, you must present to the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting AN ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE which is signed in ink by the Broker's Authorized Representative and which includes:  


1. The name and address of the insured person or production company.  

2. The Description of Operations on the certificate must read as follows: "The City of New York is named as additional insured pursuant to, or with coverage at least as broad as, ISO Form CG 20 12 (07/98 ed.)."

3. That the policy provides at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) [usually listed as 1,000 thousands] in US currency or its equivalent of Comprehensive General Liability for each instance of claim.  

4. The name of the insurance company and of the broker, with the broker's phone number.

5. The policy number.  

6. The dates for which the policy is in effect, including both the start and expiration dates.  

7. That the policy may not be modified or canceled without seven days prior written notification to the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting.


Please note that we do not accept FAX copies or photocopies of Insurance Certificates. We will not accept auto-pen or stamped signatures.


Student Films: Students must obtain a letter from their school, on the school's letterhead, stating the student's name, their status as a student (i.e. full-time, in good standing) the date(s) of the shoot and the signature of the appropriate representative from the school.




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