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Estimated Annual Gross Production Cost

All costs, including overhead, chargeable directly to the production stated at the time of declaration of an insured production or series of productions.  The following costs are not included: story, scenario, music rights, sound rights, royalties, residuals, continuity, premiums paid for the insurance, interest on loans and taxes.


Commercial General Liability

General Liability covers payments the insured will become legally obligated to pay as a result of Bodily Injury or Property Damage arising out of an occurrence during filming activities, live events or performances.


Inland Marine Coverage

Inland Marine describes coverage for property such as Rented Equipment, Owned Equipment, Props, Sets, Wardrobes, etc.


Third Party Property Damage

Provides legal liability coverage for damage or destruction of property belonging to others while the property is in the care, custody or control of the production company and is to be used in an insured production.   This includes loss of use of the property.  Coverage does not apply to damage caused by operation of  rented or leased motor vehicles, aircraft or watercraft that are covered under props, sets, or wardrobe, or to miscellaneous equipment insurance.  This coverage is not included under a Comprehensive General Liability Policy.


Workers' Compensation

Covers physical injury to your cast or crew. This may include W2 employees, 1099 freelancers & volunteers.



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