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Celebrity Movie Star Insurance

Celebrities tend to think and believe that their careers will come come to an end once their fingers and legs get scratched, their faces disfigured, their bodies out of shape and their voice losing its beauty, will dish out lots of money to have their body parts and talents insured.


One million dollars, two million dollars – just name the price and your career is insured, that is, if you’re a celebrity. There’s no telling on how many celebrities have actually bought movie star insurance policies over the years but certainly, the tradition of celebrity insurance is somewhat long and a storied one. Celebrities from the past to the present have maintained their status by putting a tag price on every body part they have wished to maintain.


In the past, we have heard about movie stars that insured their bodies and pricing them like priceless diamonds. Some rock stars were even found insuring their voices with artist insurance policies.


A-list or B-list stars and music artists have flooded the list of celebrities getting insurance. It has become a trend especially to those wealthy celebrities.  Perhaps old and new faces would steal the limelight and brag about their body being insured for a million dollars.


That’s vanity for you. It is simply being a celebrity, no strings attached, just simply insurance policies, insurance for the celebrities.