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Faulty Stock & Processing  

The Faulty Stock coverage is usually excluded from the Negative / Videotape coverage and added back as a separate endorsement. The Faulty Stock endorsement provides coverage for loss or damage caused by the following: Fogging, or the use of faulty materials.



*Faulty cameras or videotape recorders.

*Faulty sound equipment or soundtracks.

*Faulty developing, editing, or processing.

*Accidental exposure to light


Faulty cutting, editing, cueing or other laboratory work; or accidental erasure of videotape recordings or soundtracks,


Faulty Coverage indemnifies the Production Company for the extra expenses incurred in re-shooting or repairing the lost or damaged material, or for the aborted costs in the case of abandonment. There is commonly a large deductible for Faulty Coverage.