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Shooting Permit Requirements in


The State of Maine government does not require you to have a general filming permit to work in our state. However, productions must fill out a Maine Media Production Registration form and fax it to the Maine Film Office prior to production. Download the form

To film in Maine State Parks, for example, you will need a free Special Use permit. You can contact either Ron Hunt for southern park locations (207-624-6077) or Mike Leighton for northern area parks (207-941-4014).


Baxter State Park closely controls commercial production and accepts productions only on a case-by-case basis. For more information, contact Jensen Bissell or Jean Hoekwater at (207)723-9500.


Acadia National Park is a popular location for film and TV projects. However, filming in the park requires careful coordination and a special-use permit. Park officials actively discourage production work during busy periods. Aerial photography is rarely allowed and is tightly controlled in the park. For more information, call Leslie Ann Dykes (207-288-8791).


Portland, Maine requires filming permits. For information, contact Ted Musgrave at the City of Portland (207-756-8275). Contact the town or city officials in the areas in which you will film to check on other local permit requirements.


Maine Film Office Website.