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Shooting Permit Requirements in


What is FilMiami?


FilMiami represents the three Greater Miami Film Offices: the Miami- Dade Office of Film  & Entertainment, the City of Miami  Office of Film and Special Events and the Miami Beach Office of Film and Event Production  Management. All three offices are full service film commissions providing location and logistics assistance, one-stop permitting, government liaison, production information and referral sources.


FilMiami's mission is to provide service and assistance to all film, television,  music, commercial production and still photography businesses to promote  industry expansion and economic prosperity.



Who needs a permit to shoot in  Miami-Dade County?  


Permits are required for anyone shooting for commercial use. This does not  include live news or personal purpose such as home video or still photo shoots. These types of activities do not need film permits.



How to apply for a film permit?  


You can apply for a permit to film at www.filmiami.org in the section called "One Stop Permits". You will need to contact each office separately (Miami-Dade County, City of  Miami and Miami Beach) with regards to location logistics.  There is a $100 permit application fee which you can pay online with a check or credit card.


In order to obtain a permit to film, you must provide an insurance certificate for General Liability Insurance naming the jurisdiction you are filming in as additionally insured (Miami-Dade County, City of Miami or  Miami Beach).



Who should the insurance be made out to?


Depending on where you are filming, you will need a $1 million dollar  general liability insurance certificate naming the County and/or City(s) as  additionally insured.  For the City of Miami, you will need a $2 million dollar general liability insurance certificate.   The City of Miami Beach in addition to the $1 million dollar general liability insurance also requires an indemnity agreement.   For complete information on particular jurisdiction requirements, please visit  the One Stop Permit section of our website.


The wording is as follows:  

Contact Info:

Miami-Dade County

111 NW 1st Street, Suite 2200

Miami,  FL 33128


305.375.3266 FAX


City of  Miami  

Mayor's Office of Film & Cultural Affairs

444 SW 2nd Ave

Miami,  FL 33130


305.859.2128 FAX


City of  Miami Beach

1700 Convention Center Drive

Miami Beach, FL  33139


305.673.7063 FAX