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Plaintiffs of Directors & Officers Insurance

According to a 1996 survey by Watson Wyatt Company, there are six major sources of Directors & Officers lawsuits. Those plaintiffs, and the basis of the suits, are listed as follows:


1. D&O for Stockholders / Financial Institutions

    *Inadequate/inaccurate disclosure


    *Financial reporting

    *Disappointing financial performance

    *Fiduciary duty/gross negligence

    *Stock or other public offerings

    *Bid or threat by another company for takeover



2. D&O for Employees

    *Wrongful Termination (this is the single most frequent claim!)



    *Breach of Employment Contract



3. D&O for Customers/Clients




4. D&O for Competitors


5. Other Third Party D&O

    *Environmental Public Activists



6. Government Agencies D&O