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The Use of Entertainment Insurance in

Feature Film Production

When people go to theaters they don't ever realize that the most important part of any film production is the insurance policy that covers it.


Feature film insurance is a type of insurance where practically all aspects of production are covered – from film negatives to the unstable actors who frequent rehab.


Fireman's Fund, the biggest insurance provider of Hollywood films, sent out people to check to the shooting location of Into The Wild to check if any of the film’s staff could be airlifted to a hospital. Fireman's also went to the overseas shooting locations of Bourne Ultimatum, making sure that the film used in the shooting the feature film didn’t get destroyed by x-ray machines at the airport. At the Chubb Group, another insurance provider, agents read scripts to check if there are any scenes that would require actors to be in proximity of any explosion.


Entertainment: Serious Business


As much as we would like to avoid it, no feature film production ever gets off the ground without insurance coverage. Although it’s rare for a film production to be expensively rescued, i.e., to shut down and restarted, feature film production these days rarely go below the $65 million mark. The risks have greatly increased too. Practically anyone from junkie actors to clumsy stunts men, and anything from terrorists to freak snowstorms could put a producer’s money in jeopardy.


Feature Films insurance can take up to 2% of a film’s budget.