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Blogger's Liability, Publisher's E&O



Film Emporium offers bloggers & publishers



This program is for a publisher of any size or type: small, large, book, magazine, newspaper, trade, directory, music, greeting cards and calendar, electronic (Internet), print-on-demand, CD ROM, audio book or a freelancer, writer or an author. Publisher’s liability insurance is also referred to as media perils liability insurance, or publishers or authors errors and omissions protection.


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Policy Features:

We offer a comprehensive "all risk" perils policy. This policy is an "occurrence form," not the "claims-made" version. Legal defense costs and attorney's fees are included.


Limits of media perils liability are available from $500,000, $1,000,000 all the way up into the multiple millions of dollars. Punitive or exemplary damages are covered where insurable by law, and the policy territory is “universal,” not just worldwide.



Available Coverage

Single or Multiple Title Publishers

Authors, self-publishers, bloggers, freelance writers, and POD publishers may be interested in one-title or vanity/subsidy publishing. Additionally, multiple-title publishers may want to insure specific titles or multiple titles each year.

All other Media Publishers

Bloggers, magazines, newspapers, and the internet are examples of sources for marketing. Trade directories, music, greeting cards, and calendars can be marketed electronically. Print-on-demand, CD ROMs, and other methods can also be used. 

Film Emporium’s expertise in Intellectual Property Insurance is unparalleled. We specialize in entertainment and media insurance. We provide coverage for movie producers, artists, publishers, bloggers, and more. We cover projects of any size, both big and small. 

About Media Perils Liability Insurance

Media perils or publisher's liability insurance provides protection for traditional claims. These include copyright or trademark infringement, libel, plagiarism, and defamation. Furthermore, it also covers invasion of privacy or publicity, outrage, misappropriation of property rights, personal injury, and errors or omissions.


Coverage can be extended to provide claims. These claims seek to impose liability on the author or publisher for physical injuries or economic loss. This loss is allegedly caused by some flaw or negligent publication in the ideas or expressions contained in published material.

Reasons why Media Perils Liability Insurance is needed

Anyone who collects and shares information is "publishing." This can lead to claims and expensive legal costs. These costs are a result of gathering and communicating the information.


The number and variety of claims against media organizations are constantly increasing, especially due to on-line publishing. Settlements and verdicts are also becoming larger. 


First Amendment rights provide some protection, but the cost of lawyers, time, effort, and a potential settlement can be significant. It is therefore worthwhile to transfer this risk to an insurance company. Media perils liability insurance provides insurance protection for negligent publishing or authoring.