TULIP Special Events Program



A simple solution for venues or facilities owners.


Film Emporium offers TULIP programs. These programs are a simple solution for venues or facilities owners. They provide annual policies that cover third-party liability for lessees when they hold events.


The coverage provides the necessary insurance for the lessee. It meets the venue or facility's requirements. This holds the venue or facility harmless if an incident happens during the event, caused by the event organizer's negligence.


Our TotalEvent online system allows venues and/or brokers to create yearly TULIP policies for specific event types. Lessees can access the venue's portal. They can then choose to either join the group policy for the event or upload their own proof of insurance.


Events can vary in terms of risk. Low-risk activities may include seminars, receptions, or weddings. Higher-risk events could be camps, sports events, or concerts. The premium is based upon the risk associated with the event or activity, the number of days needed, the number of attendees and if there are any special requirements, including alcohol liability, food service, etc. 


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10 Reasons to have TULIP

  1. Ease of use – tenant users needing insurance in order to rent a facility can purchase under the facility’s TULIP policy – no need for a separate special event policy.
  2. Minimum premium for tenant users as low as $100 per event – lower than a monoline special event policy.
  3. Policy specifically designed to meet the contractual insurance requirements in the facility rental agreement.
  4. Ability to include exhibitors for a small flat charge.
  5. Products coverage included for light hazard products, i.e. food, beverage, and souvenirs.
  6. Host Liquor Liability coverage included – primary liquor liability for sellers/distributors of alcohol available for qualified tenant users.
  7. Facility/venue is automatically included as an additional insured.
  8. Policy limits apply for each tenant user.
  9. Events reported on monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis depending on frequency of rentals.
  10. Hired and non-owned Automobile Liability may be included if contractually required by facility/venue owner.

Required Documents

  • Completed and signed/dated Facility TULIP Supplemental Application
  • Schedule of anticipated events for the next 12 months
  • Copies of contract with tenant users
  • Brochures, advertising material, and website information