Vendor/Lessor Supplemental Insurance



Film Emporium offers performaing arts insurance.


Film Emporium offers affordable rates on quality coverage for your Vendor/Lessor Insurance. This insurance coverage covers all types of performing arts and live performances. This includes on and off Broadway productions, National Tours, Limited Engagement, Equity Showcase, and Rental Houses. It also includes Staging, Lighting and Sound Companies, and Costume Manufactures.


Available in all 50 States and worldwide. 


The Theatrical Groups insurance program is designed for theatrical companies. It offers coverage for those that are based in fixed locations, as well as those that tour. The program is highly adaptable.


It can cover any number of tours or shows during the policy term. Additionally, it permits the splitting of coverage days for events in all 50 states. The program may be utilized for small shows with a single actor all the way up to major theatrical productions.


Limits are available up to 10 million for liability. Equipment can be covered for up to 5 million. 


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The Theatrical program is available to risks based in the United States. Additionally, the program can provide worldwide coverage for equipment. However, the liability only  covers the United States and Canada. Risks with foreign exposure may purchase the foreign portion of their liability needs under the Foreign Events program.


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Available Coverage

  • General Liability
  • Actor's Equity
  • Automobile Liability and Physical Damage
  • Rented Equipment, props sets and wardrobe
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Office Contents
  •  Excess Liability
  • Owned Equipment (All Risk)
  • Accident Medical for Spectators and Participant